The option to add your own designs and brandings is one of the most powerful ways to customize your Onebooth campaigns. All files are uploaded to the online dashboard and automatically transferred to the iPad to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Idle Screen

How it works: Similar to a screensaver. The image/video that you upload within the dashboard will start after “x” seconds of inactivity.

Start Screen

How it works: The Start Screen is placed behind the post type buttons (Photo, GIF, Boomerang, Video) on the iPad. If you don’t upload a StartScreen image, you will see the live camera image behind the buttons.

Green Screen

How it works: Onebooth will isolate and remove the green color from photos and replace it with the images uploaded to your campaign. You can upload one or multiple images.

Digital Props / Stickers

How it works: Digital Props are images that can be placed anywhere on the photo after it has been taken. You can upload multiple images to your campaign.

Post Overlay

How it works: Post Overlays are a great way to brand your photo booth campaign. They are placed on top of each post and can’t be removed by your users. The overlay files can be either static or - in terms of GIFs and Boomerangs - animated. When you select an animated overlay, the number of overlay images should equal the number of post frames, e.g. 12 for Boomerangs. A static overlay only requires one image.

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