What is Onebooth?

All-in-one photo booth platform for iPads.

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Onebooth is a photo booth software for iPads and makes running photo marketing campaigns easier than ever.ย 

  • Cloud based: Onebooth let's you create, manage and monitor your photo campaigns from anywhere.

  • Content centric: Choose between photo, GIF, Boomerang or video.

  • Customizable: Layouts & texts at each step of the user journey can be customized.

Some of our amazing features:ย 

  • Digital props

  • Green screen

  • Social editing options

  • Data capture

  • Live galleries

  • Campaign analytics

  • Social media sharing buttons

  • Offline campaigns

Any feature wishes?

We want to get better every day. Please share any ideas, remarks or feature wishes with us. Simply send us an email to hello@onebooth.com.

Ready to get started?ย 

Sign up for our free trial and join the photo booth revolution today.

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