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Printing via AirPrint
Printing via AirPrint

Print wirelessly with AirPrint directly from your iPad

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Onebooth allows you to print via Apple's proprietary printing solution AirPrint. Most new consumer printers like the Canon SELPHY support AirPrint. Apple provides a list where you can double-check if your printer is compatible.

Tip: Some companies may state that their device is generally iPad compatible. Those printers usually require an additional app from the manufacturer and therefore won't work with Onebooth.

Campaign settings (cockpit)

  1. Activate the "Enable print" checkbox in your campaign settings.

  2. Select "AirPrint" as printing method.

  3. Select the correct paper size.

  4. Create a print layout using the Print Layout Creator

Onebooth settings (iPad)

  1. Turn on your AirPrint printer.

  2. Connect your AirPrint printer with the same WiFi network as your iPad (please follow the manufacturer's instructions).

  3. Navigate to the Admin Screen of Onebooth.

  4. Click on the AirPrint icon.

  5. Select AirPrint printer.

  6. You should now see a yellow link-icon attached to the AirPrint symbol.

  7. Now you should see a print icon on the Share Screen.

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