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Print Layout Creator
Print Layout Creator

Create beautiful print layouts using the Onebooth PLC.

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Due to the different paper sizes and printing devices on the market you may be intimidated if you've been asked to print at your upcoming event. There is no need to panic. Thanks to our PLC, creating a stunning print layout is easier than you might think!

Where to find the Print Layout Creator

You can access the Print Layout Creator simply by clicking on the button in the campaign settings.

PowerPoint-like usability

The Print Layout Creator allows you to create separate layout for each content type (Photo, GIF, Boomerang). The number within the gray picture placeholder reflects the particular frame. Create beautiful grid layouts or cover the entire printing surface with one big picture - if you are familiar with the likes of PowerPoint or Keynote, you'll quickly get along.

PLC settings

  • Include frames: From 1 (Photo) to 12 (Boomerang) everything is possible.

  • Hide post overlay: This checkbox will remove the overlay from the digital version sent to the guest's phone. 

  • Duplicate layout for stripe printing: This option allows you to print the popular photo stripes on standard paper.

  • Print graphic: Depending on your needs, you can either upload a background image or overlay.

  • Background color: Use the color picker in case you don't want to upload a background image or overlay. 

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