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Printing via Dropbox
Printing via Dropbox

Print wirelessly with Dropbox directly from your iPad

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Onebooth allows you to print via Dropbox - the popular cloud storage provider for individuals and businesses. If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up here

Due to the comprehensive integration of Dropbox into all operating systems you are able to connect any type of printer including dye-sublimation printers to Onebooth.

You can use Dropbox in the following situations:

  1. To print photos (automatically) during your event using a hotfolder software - check out our list of potential hot folder applications.

  2. To print photos after your event right from your Dropbox folder.

Settings (cockpit)

  1. Click on the little arrow below your email address in the cockpit.

  2. Select 'Dropbox Integration'.

  3. Click on "Connect Dropbox" and enter your Dropbox credentials.

  4. Create a new campaign.

  5. Activate the "Enable print" checkbox in your campaign settings.

  6. Select the correct paper size.

  7. Select "Dropbox" as "Printing Method"

  8. Create a print layout using the Print Layout Creator

Note: The folder is automatically created once you send the first picture from the Onebooth App. You'll find your print ready layouts here:

My Dropbox > Apps > Onebooth > Campaign Name

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