Green screen (also chroma key) is available on all Onebooth plans.

Good to know

  • Wrinkles and shades on any physical green screen backdrop are your enemy.

  • Adjust and optimize the light sources as well as the camera exposure of Onebooth.

  • Make sure your guests aren't standing too close to the backdrop as this will cause green bleeding.

Campaign setup

The green screen background images are uploaded individually to each content type (Photo, GIF, Boomerang, Video). You can upload multiple still or animated background images to your campaign. 

Please check out our design specs for further information.

Backdrop recommendations

You'll need a physical green backdrop system at your event. Onebooth will isolate and remove the green color from taken pictures and replace it with the background images uploaded to your campaign.

  • Pillow case backdrop: This setup is completely wrinkle-free, which makes it our top recommendation.

  • Elgato pull-up backdrop: Super easy to set up and completely wrinkle-free. The dimensions are comparably small, so please be careful for which occasions (e.g. kids events) you may use this.

  • Background stand: A cheap and flexible solution. The clamps will help you to get a smooth canvas.

Lightning recommendations

Old school DSLR setups always require the installation of multiple light sources to get proper green screen results. Our technology is designed to make your daily business easier. When using an iPad booth ring light, an additional lighting is not required in most situations. At outdoor events you won't even need a ring light. At very dark locations we suggest to use a set of 2 LED stands like the one from Neewer.

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