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Printing via Wireless Print Server
Printing via Wireless Print Server

Print wirelessly with from any printer using the Onebooth Wireless Print Server

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The Wireless Print Server is our recommended printing solution. It's compatible with any printing device and offers the fastest printing speed.

Campaign settings (cockpit)

  1. Activate the "Enable print" checkbox in your campaign settings.

  2. Select "Wireless Print Server" as printing method.

  3. Select the correct paper size.

  4. Create a print layout using the Print Layout Creator.

Wireless Print Server settings

  1. Install the Wireless Print Server on your printing PC or Mac.

  2. Install all necessary printer drivers on your printing PC or Mac.

  3. Connect your printer with the same WiFi network as your iPad.

  4. Launch Wireless Print Server on your Mac or PC.

  5. Select the right printer from the dropdown.

  6. Rename the Wireless Print Server (optional).

Note: In case you are using a Windows PC together with a Mobile Hotspot (e.g. via iPhone), please read the following trouble-shooting guideline.

Onebooth settings

  1. Navigate to the Admin Screen of Onebooth.

  2. Click on the Printer icon.

  3. Select Print Server.

  4. Take a test picture with Onebooth. This will automatically create the event within the Wireless Print Server application.

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