In case you are using the Wireless Print Server on a Windows system which is connected to a mobile hotspot (e.g. iPad or iPhone hotspot), the Onebooth iPad app might not be able to find a print server.

Luckily there is a workaround for you:

  1. Make sure you've installed the latest versions of the Onebooth iPad app and the Wireless Print Server for Windows or Mac.

  2. Make sure that the print server and the iPad are in the same hotspot network.

  3. Search in the bottom task bar of your windows device for "cmd“ and open "Command prompt“.

4. Type the command „ipconfig“ and write down your „IPv4 Address“ (for example

5. Go to the Onebooth settings via iPad system preferences and insert the ip address of step 4 into "Custom Printer IP“ and enable "Use Custom IP“

6. Open the Wireless Print Server application on your Windows printing PC.

7. Open the Onebooth iPad App and login with your credentials.

8. Click on "Printer" below your Campaign list.

9. Click on "Connect“ Print Server.

10. You should see a "Success“ message.

11. Enjoy printing!

Note: To restore the normal print server discovery, just disable „Use Custom IP“ again)

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